Dr. Chenoa Arico

    Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Arico is working on the M. tuberculosis pathogenesis and TB Drug Discovery and Chemotherapy

Brandon Zavala

Research Trainee

Brandon is exploring new drug targets to kill


Our Lab Members

Abraham V. Mundo

         Ph.D. Student 

Abraham is working on drug discovery and TB-HIV Co-infections models. 

  Luisa Dominguez

      Research Trainee

Luisa is developing cell assays for drug discovery

Brianna Gonzales

Research Trainee

Brianna is doing genetic deletions in mycobacter- ial strains

Austre Y. S. Bustamante

Research Trainee

Austre is exploring mechanisms of pathogenesis of M. tuberculosis and Cancer Vaccines

    Ana M Vargas

         Ph.D. Student 

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